Member Online Access


A CDF Community Fund Member Online password will be issued and supplied by the CDF Community Fund upon successful processing of an application.

The CDF Community Fund Member Login can be accessed via the CDF Community Fund website.


The Account Holder(s):

  • are required to keep passwords secure and not disclose them to anyone else,
  • understand that any individual with a Member Online Password and login ID with full online access is able to transact and update information on these accounts,
  • will inform the Fund immediately if there has been a suspected password or security breach on an account,
  • acknowledge that I/we must ensure that payment details are correct. The Account Holders are solely responsible for providing correct payment details including amount and payee details. CDF Community Fund has no liability for any payment made in accordance with details provided,
  • understands that transactions performed before 5.00pm EST on a business day will be in your account overnight; transactions performed after this time will be in your account by the next business day,
  • understands that by applying for Member Online Access, you consent to receive transaction statements online and you will no longer receive statements by mail, unless you request otherwise, and
  • acknowledge the maximum daily transaction limit is $2,000 unless you notify us of an alternative limit.